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Mastertech's Management by Statistics software was designed and built with the business owner and executive in mind. Below are many of the features of the Management by Statistics software and many of them are available only in Mastertech products.

True Management Tool

The purpose of our MBS 3 software is to deliver a true management tool that will help businesses and professionals boost productivity in their business. Go beyond just graphing statistics. Get the Condition formulas and Battle plans in full use by your staff and watch your business increase.

Effortless statistic graphing

Easily keep, display and track statistics – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Graphs – with just the click of a button.

Here are weekly graphs:

Here are the same graphs displayed monthly:

Create an Organization Information Center

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

Group your major divisional production statistics so that they can be viewed all at once to help you identify areas needing attention and those that are doing well and how each of these areas is affecting your company's overall performance.

Here are graphs displayed over 13 weeks (3 months):

Here are graphs displayed over 26 weeks:

Set, graph and monitor weekly quotas for each area, executive and employee

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

Increase production in every area of your company by setting quotas. Then you and your executives and employees can monitor the progress throughout the week. This allows you to act before the end of the week has arrived to ensure quotas are met avoiding those end of week surprises.

Quotas are not a fixed set number week in and week out. No, they change each week and you always quota for an up statistic.

Each employee writes a condition formula based on their production and graph

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

The condition writing wizard walks the user through the steps of writing a condition formula beginning by looking at the graph. It then helps the person select the correct formula.

The condition writing wizard also allows for any prior incomplete steps to brought into the current write-up so that they are not forgotten and get done.

The graph the condition write-up is for is displayed with the condition write-up and the write-up can be saved to a PDF file or printed.

It's easy to find the conditions written for a statistic as they are all kept together. You can review past times of success to see what steps were taken in the conditions to make it that way.

Each employee writes a Battle Plan starting with the steps from their condition formula write-up

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

The Battle Plan Writing Wizard walks the user through the steps of writing a battle plan beginning with their condition formula steps helping them get their condition applied.

Group your battle plan targets into the different areas of your post or job making it easier to follow and do.

Create a PDF file of your battle plan.

It's easy to find past battle plans for any post in your company.

Quickly review the production, statistics, graphs, conditions, battle plans and reports of any post

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

View graphs and production for each post or employee.

View quotas graphs.

Complete management by statistics references at your finger tips

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

The Management by Statistics system contains all of the references you needs to implement it in your business. The reference section of the help has nearly 30 references covering how to work out your company's valuable final product, sub-products, what statistics to keep for your business, the condition formulas, condition application, and much more.

Personnel changes shown on graphs

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

Personnel changes on a post can and do affect production. Now you can see these changes on every graph whenever there's a change of personnel on a post.

Robust yet simple calculated statistics

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

The Management by Statistics system offers the Mastertech exclusive Sum by Category calculation feature where all statistics in a category are summed into a statistic. Hovering over any point on a Sum by Category graph will display a breakdown of that graph value making it easy to see what made up that value and where it came from.

For those requiring more complex calculations the Management by Statistics system offers you the ability to perform advanced calculated statistics such as, percentages, profits, etc

Export graphs, including quota graphs to an Excel spreadsheet.

Even export quota graphs to Excel.

Keep a changes log noting changes that occur in your company

Mastertech Exclusive Feature

Changes occurring in your company can affect its performance in a good or bad way. A key employee leaving can affect it adversely. A new promotional campaign can affect it positively. But who remembers what occurred next month or 3 months from now or later this year?

Log the changes that occur, when they occur, and what for the employee, post and statistics this change affected.

See these Changes Log Entries by hovering over them on graphs.

Cloud account included

The Management by Statistics Cloud server is available to you for your use. Activating your cloud account is easy to do and the data you enter in the software is automatically synchronized with to your cloud account and vice versa.

Many of the features in the Management by Statistics software are available on the cloud server.

View posts and their graphs:

View quota graphs:

Easy stat entry:

Write and edit condition formula write-ups:

Write and edit battle plans:

Create PDF files of graphs:

Create PDF files of condition write-ups:

Create PDF files of battle plans:

Extensive help and reference library:

Step-by-step wizards

You can quickly install the software and start managing like never before. The Management by Statistics 3 comes with several step-by-step wizards that easily & quickly gets you through set-up and other features onto fast statistical management.

Data resides on your own server/computer

Your data resides right in your own office, under your full control. You can create a cloud account on Mastertech's application server where you can restrict what data is uploaded to that server.

This feature is great for those who have employees who work remotely or for those with multiple offices.

Expert support services

As part of the MBS 3 purchase, we offer free basic technical support, as needed, to get you up and running. We can provide one-on-one training sessions to help you get all the features understood and operational in your company.

We also offer advanced support for those who need specialize help.

An Investment, not an Expense

This as an investment, not an expense. By getting the Management by Statistics technology, including the Weekly Conditions formulas and Weekly Battle Plans actually being applied in your office, the more productive and profitable your business will be.

Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows Server 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019 [32 & 64 bit versions].

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