Mastertech is the leading the publisher of software based in part on the administrative works of L. Ron Hubbard.

Our products begin with the Management by Statistics software which is designed to help you expand your business in any economic situation or circumstances. The Management by Statistics software is in used by many thousands of business around the globe to expand their sales, production and delivery.

Our products continue with the Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System designed to assist businesses to find employees who will forward their vision of an expanding, productive business.

We are Open Normal Hours

Our staff are operating remotely from home. We are utilizing our phone system’s capability of having remote extensions so that our staff can function almost as well as at the office. However there may be delays and operating remotely just isn’t as smooth as having everyone in the same office. If you call and get the support department's voicemail, leave a message with your phone number and the best time to reach you and you will receive a call back. You can also visit our extensive on-line support pages and how-to videos by clicking here.

The tech support number is 1 727-216-0642 x2. For sales phone 1 727-216-0642 x1.

Customers are using the Management by Statistics Cloud Feature to Manage their Businesses Remotely

The Management by Statistics software has a cloud feature which allows you to do many of the actions you do in the MBS software from home. This includes entering stats, viewing and print graphs, setting weekly quotas and monitoring daily production towards those quotas. You can also write condition formulas and battle plans and review those of your staff.

The sales number is 1 727-216-0642 x1.

If you have not yet activated your free MBS Cloud Account click here for instructions. If you need assistance from our support department you can send an email to

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