Free "Basic Technical Support" Options

On-line Support Pages
Most support issues and resolutions are discussed in our free on-line support pages.
Support pages cover everything you need to install, set-up and operate the software.
How-to Videos
There are dozens of support videos covering everything from installation, setting up your company, adding statistics, adding users, writing condition formulas, reseting your password and many, many more how-to topics.
Email Support
All email support and technical write-ups and personal instructions via email are part of our free support services.
If you cannot find the help you need on-line, you can email your support question to
Emailed questions are generally answered within 24 hours.
Limited Phone Support
With the purchase of any Mastertech product, phone support is free to help you get up and running correctly. This telephone support consists of phone & remote connection to help to install our products, getting the features understood and set-up, demonstration of how to correctly populate the software with stats, employees, posts, etc., and the software's basic operation.
Basic troubleshooting of technical issues, such as: re-connecting to the database, automated stat calculations, resetting user passwords, data synchronizing with the cloud service, configuration issues, etc.
Tech support: +1 727-216-0642 press 2 for support
If all customer support representatives are busy, your call will be routed to the support voice mail. Please leave your name, phone # and a brief description of the help you require.
NOTE: Our support personnel are not authorized by us to make changes to your network settings, configuration or equipment. If your network or associated equipment is not configured or operating correctly you will need to contact the person responsible for maintaining your network.

Advanced Paid Support

Advanced Paid Technical Support
While most tech support cycles fall within our free support categories some issues require significant time and technical expertise to resolve and fall within our paid support options.
Examples of situations which fall within our paid support services are (but not limited to):
  1. Recreating a lost database resulting from a computer crash, ransom ware, virus damage, stolen computer, etc and rebuilding a database using data retrieved from our cloud service. (Minimum 2 hours)
  2. Retrieving your data in an exportable format from our cloud server. The data we can retrieve from the cloud server, provided you have uploaded to our cloud service, includes any companies, calendar settings, lists of posts, employees, statistics, stat groups, stat values and stat quotas. (Always a 30 minute charge)
  3. Merging multiple databases into a single database.
  4. Attempting to recover database files/backups from crashed hard drives, corrupted databases files or other catastrophic events which can occur with computer and hardware failures.
  5. Performing non-standard installations or repair on any Microsoft SQL database such as using "PC Mover" to transfer a SQL database from one computer to another, setting up our application to work with a different version of Microsoft SQL than the one that came with the product.
  6. Repairing any login issues after any change in the Domain or local administrator on the computer where the database was initially installed. This includes cases where Windows Users with administrator rights have been deleted locking out your access to the Microsoft SQL database.
If you need data recovery contact our support department with all of the details of your circumstances and our support representative will estimate the time needed.
Tech support: +1 727-216-0642 press 2 for support
Paid support is sold by either the half-hour ($60) and one hour ($120) amounts. You can purchase support time click here.