Management by Statistics System

Management by Statistics: The most effective management tool ever created. This is a visual graphing system of production posts and flow lines giving you an un-bias overview of the way your company operates with step-by-step guidelines on how to strengthen weak areas and preserve strong ones.

Based in part on the works of L. Ron Hubbard with many exclusive features not found in any other graphing product on the market today. Effective statistical management consists of finding out why statistics did what they did and correcting down trending statistics and reinforcing the ones that are up by finding out what made them go up.

Access and use your Management by Statistics data from anywhere in the world (and never worry about your data being lost) with a cloud account, available for a low annual fee.

Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System

Available in both software and online*, your choice!

Personnel Potential Analysis: The Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System includes a series of 3 tests to produce a profile of the candidate you are interviewing. It is designed to be used with a full interview process.

The PPA (Personnel Potential Analysis) test measures 10 job-related criteria essential in determining how a person may function on the job, the IQ test and the Aptitude test.

The tests are designed and intended to only be used in conjunction with a full interview process and are not substitute for such an process.

The cost of the software also includes the cost of the first year of using this program (the cost of the license).

* - Note that the on-line version of the Personnel Potential Analysis system is only available in the US.

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