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Part 2 – Updating the Management by Statistics Software


Depending on the browser you use, the installer may run automatically or may be saved in your Downloads folder. Just follow the instructions and run the installer to install Management by Statistics 3.

Choose the version that matches your database installation.

Version 3.5
MBS 3.5
Version 3.2
MBS 3.2 (303) Update/Full Install for 32/64 bit: DOWNLOAD
Version 3.1 and 3.1.5
MBS 3.1.5 (215) Update/Full Install for 32/64 bit: DOWNLOAD
MBS 3.1.0 (156) Update/Full Install for 32/64 bit: DOWNLOAD
MBS 3.0 (50) Update/Full Install for 32/64 bit: DOWNLOAD

First select Database Authentication1 2 3 and click the Test Connection button. You should receive a "Connection Successful" response. If the connection is not successful, click the "Use Default" button to use the default password to connect to the database. This is the preferred connection mode from remote computers.

Click the Ok button, then the Finish button to save the connection settings.


If you need Windows Integrated Authentication4, test it here. Windows Integrated Authentication will not work on all networks. For most network installations you will want to use Database Authentication as it will work on all correctly set up networks.

Click the Ok button, then the Finish button to save the connection settings.


You will be prompted to enter a user name and password.

1. A Database is a computer term used to mean a file or files where data is stored in a central location for access by one or more users. A database differs from a document file in that a document generally is only accessible by one user at a time and is organized by pages. A database is generally capable of being accessed by many users at once, with each user being able to read and save information at the same time.
2. Authentication has a somewhat specialized meaning in computers. It essentially means to verify the user, which can be done in several ways. The most common means of verifying or authenticating a user is to have the user provide a password.
3. Database Authentication is a simple password authentication method. There is a password set for the database the user needs to provide to gain access. The Management by Statistics system uses a default password upon installation. Click the "Use Default" button to check to see if this is the correct password. For higher security installations, the database password should be changed in the Database Manager.
4. Windows Authentication verifies that the user you signed into your computer with has access. It is assumed that because you have gained access to the computer using a Windows user name and password that you are that person. The database then checks to see if you have been granted access to the data. If your Windows user name has not been granted access, you will not be able to connect to the database.