This page covers upgrading an existing installation.

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Part 1 – Installing the Database1

There are 2 parts to download and install, so please follow all of the instructions on this page.


IMPORTANT: You should use the same version of Management by Statistics and the Database Manager.

If this is not the computer where the database is installed, go to that computer and log in with a Windows user that has administrator rights to that computer, then return to this page to download the update on to the server. You must have administrator rights to install or run the Database Manager. The Database Manager only needs to be installed on one computer.

You will need to complete both parts of the installation. If you do not have the time to update all of the installations of Part 2 on your network, you should wait until you can update them all.

Download the Database Manager update by clicking the Download button below.

Depending on the browser you use, the installer may run automatically or may be saved in your Downloads folder. Follow the instructions and run the installer to install the Database Manager.


Don't forget Part 2 below.
Please read all of the instructions on this page before installing.


Once installed, start the Database Manager before going on to part 2.

The Database Manager will automatically update the database and prepare it to operate with the latest version of Management by Statistics. The Database Version will change to the latest version number when the update is complete, as shown below.


Complete the Activation Wizard by updating any registration information to the end and click "Finish".


At this point you are ready for the Part 2 of the installation.

1. A Database is a computer term used to mean a file or files where data is stored in a central location for access by one or more users. A database differs from a document file in that a document generally is only accessible by one user at a time and is organized by pages. A database is generally capable of being accessed by many users at once, with each user being able to read and save information at the same time.

Current version numbers:

Current Database Manager version:
Current Management by Statistics version: